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Consignment - How We Work


OnleyDesirables is always on the lookout for unique designer clothing to sell. Do you have something unique, original and interested in selling through OnleyDesirables? Please feel free to contact us, so we can make an appointment.


Please be aware that we prefer not to accept clothing in the following condition: missing labels, rips, holes, stains or missing buttons. We will make exceptions for items with very, very minor defects (inside button missing or fabric label missing).


Unique is our motto! This means that we are seeking only well-known, unique designer clothing and prefer not to accept clothing readily available through mainstream chain-stores such as H&M, Zara, Esprit, etc., regardless of how "fashionable" they may be.


During the appointment we will go through your clothing and choose what we feel best fits into our present collection. Please do not feel offended if some pieces are refused. The key to our being unique is being very selective in what clothing and designers we choose to represent and what people are currently seeking.


Upon making a selection, we will decide upon a selling price for the item(s) you would like to sell. You will then be assigned a client number. Your items will be displayed for a 3 month period. When an item sells you will be notified and entitled to 50% of the selling price. Once your items have been sold, payouts will be made directly to your bank account at the end of each month. After the 3 month in-take period, we will contact you to either collect your unsold pieces or have them donated to a local charity. To avoid a buildup of inventory, it is advised that you collect your unsold pieces at the end of their term as soon as possible. Do to space issues, pieces remaining will be donated to charity.

If you feel that your clothing may be right for us, please contact us for an appointment.


Thank you and looking forward to seeing you and what you have to offer!